Photos: Looking for a pick-me-up? These brilliant animal cartoons guarantee instant happiness

From anxiety to loneliness, let these animal cartoons on Instagram get you through it all.

The world has slowly become a place which harbours a lot more negativity and hate over positivity and love. With crime, human apathy and greed taking over, the search for happiness has become an even more pointless one. In a world of the sort, won’t an illustrator making happy animal cartoons everyday be the light at the end of the tunnel?

Add some animals to this and the combination becomes one that could sprinkle happiness all over the world. In case you’re wondering where all these smiles are hidden, ‘Illustrations By Guy Kopsombut’ on Instagram is what you’re looking for. These short comics spread love and happiness via animals speaking to one another. Yes, there is absolutely no way this combination can go wrong.

From relationships to anxiety to friendship, this account deals with it all with hugs and kisses and is setting the most adorable example for us to follow. Check out some of his comics here and let them make your day.

All I want to do is just dance with you. To celebrate 30k, I’m going to hold a drawing to give away a free personalized 8″x10″ print of any existing illustration to one lucky follower! To enter, from now until next Sunday (3/12/17) midnight, repost any drawing of mine on your account, tag one or more of your friends, give them a sincere nice compliment or message of love and mention/tag me (so I can find you!)! If your accountant is private, you can tag a friend in any of my posts, compliment them and use hashtag 4amshower. That’s it! Feel free to do it as many times as you want to enter more than once (more repost, more compliments, more love!) . 🙂 I’ll randomly choose one person on Sunday midnight! D I’m selling limited personalized prints and open for commissions! Email me at for more info! If you have a favorite animal and topic such as love or depression, comment and I might be able create a comic from it 🙂

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We know one just cannot have enough of these cuties, but to quench your need for more happiness go follow 4amshower and get smiles for free.