Photos: How are these 'Tiny Dancers Among Us' even pulling off such insanely perfect poses?

We still cannot wrap our heads around these dancers pulling off difficult poses like it's absolutely no big deal.

What do you think would come out of a combination of some extremely talented dancers pulling off near-impossible looking moves and a best-selling photographer with brilliant aesthetic sense? The good news is you need not think this up anymore since a photo series in answer to this question is very much in place.

Jordan Matter is the best-selling New York Times photographer we are talking about and these photos are a part of his book titled ‘Tiny Dancers Among Us’. This is the third book in the dance photographer’s series and his ‘Dancers After Dark’ garnered  a lot of critical acclaim for having ballerinas pose in the buff and aesthetically at that. Trained dancers, some ballerinas and some from other forms, feature in this series and one look at most of these photos can easily inspire most of us to put our dancing shoes on.

Captured in all kinds of locales from parks to metro stations, these impeccable dancers pose a lot more perfectly than any of the conventional models you’d have seen in photos. So, take a look at some of the photos we’ve picked and trust us we had a tough time choosing.