People are coping with the cab strike in Delhi with snarky, witty comments on Twitter

The cab strike has entered its sixth day and commuters seem fairly miffed.

Unless you have literally been living under a rock or in some kind of hibernation, you’d know how Ola and Uber have unleashed onto Delhiites a cab strike and refused to serve commuters. With the advent of radio cabs and apps that hail us taxis at the press of a button, life had become fairly easy for those of us who hate to drive or better still do not know how to.

The indefinite strike entered its sixth day on Wednesday and no prizes for guessing how harassed commuters have been with the loss of this lifeline. The face-off between the cab-aggregators and cab-drivers began when the latter were employed on the assurance of earning somewhere around a lack a month. The policies changed soon and left the drivers struggling to make ends meet. In a typical employer vs employee rift, Delhiites totally dependent on Ola and Uber have been compromised.

Now, any of us who has been around in Delhi long enough would know how Delhiites do not take kindly to being harassed, no matter what the reason. Cause them some discomfort and brace yourself for the arrows they’d throw at you via their weapon of choice, namely Twitter. A huge portion of the Delhiites on Twitter took to their keyboards to vent their anger soon after the strike entered the fifth day. While some took a snarky take on the situation, some were seen visibly angry and even took to blaming the CM and Police for not taking action. Check out some of the reactions here:

In all honesty, we’re fairly surprised Delhiites haven’t already announced a counter-strike of sorts.