Parvez Rasool chews gum while National Anthem plays, Twitterati wants him to be thrown out of Indian team

Twitter feels Parvez Rasool disrespected the National anthem and that such a player does not deserve to be on the team.

Off-spinner Parvez Rasool has been a part of the National team since 2014 and debuted in the T20 format in the India-England match at Kanpur on January 26. On a day which could have been a milestone in his career, the cricketer earned himself a controversy when he was caught chewing a gun while the National Anthem played.

The Kashmiri cricketer faced Twitter’s wrath for his act of callousness. While it is understandable that this might have been completely unintentional and a pure slip on his part, Twitter is an unforgiving place and clearly so are cameras. Many on the social networking site took him down for showing disrespect to the anthem and said he should have controlled his urge to chew till it stopped playing. Some even suggested he comes out and apologizes if it was a genuine mistake

Back in 2009, Rasool was detained by the Bangalore police on suspicion of traces of explosive in his bag. He was later released and objected to dogs sniffing his bag which had the Quran inside it. The cricketer could not have imagined a chewing gum would make him an overnight celebrity, but well that’s Twitter for you.

It remains to be seen what action gets taken against the cricketer for this act.