On World Freedom Day, here are 7 things India wants freedom from!

To celebrate World Freedom Day, we've compiled a list of 7 things that our country really needs to be free of. Check em out:

Freedom is defined as the state of not being imprisoned or enslaved.

Come to think of it, each one of us is taking freedom for granted —the freedom to live how we want, the freedom to live wherever we want, the freedom to travel…the list goes on and on. But unfortunately, there are places where people are still struggling for the most basic rights. Places where people can’t voice their opinions, can’t choose how they want to live or die.

Today, November 9, being World Freedom Day, we’ve compiled a list of 7 things that our country really needs to be free of. Check em out:

Sexist cinema

It’s 2017, Bollywood. We don’t need to see actresses playing the damsel in distress whilst getting manhandled by your heroes. Why can’t we have movies where the actresses showcase the empowered, independent side of modern women? Take a cue, Judwaa 2.

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Trashy reality TV

Nobody wants to see a ridiculous host shouting at ridiculous contestants doing ridiculous things for absolutely ridiculous reasons. Please, stop.

Regressive outlooks

Talking about sex is okay. Discussing LGBT issues is okay. Live-in relationships are okay. Sanskaari policing and not letting people express themselves the way they want to is not okay. *cough* Pahlaj Nihalani *cough*

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Heinous crimes

Do we even need to explain this?

Toxic air

We’d like to clear the air about the recent events in the Nation’s capital, quite literally. According to a WHO survey of 1600 world cities, the air quality in Delhi is the worst out of all the major cities in the world! Do we really want to walk around wearing masks now?

Ridiculous Godmen

Will India ever get over its unhealthy obsession with Godmen? Half of them have turned out to be cheats, liars and criminals. Do we really need another brainwashed generation that buys whatever crap these fake Godmen sell?

Political blame game

Whenever something happens, party A blames party B and party B blames party C who in turn blames party A. It’s the norm in our country, isn’t it? Keep blaming each other till everyone forgets about what happened in the first place.


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