On Salman Khan's birthday, here are 11 bhai memes that are pure gold

Salman Khan memes, anyone?

In a career that has lasted over 29 years, ‘the bhai’ of Bollywood has done it all: bail, jail, controversies etc. Love him or hate him, you gotta admit that every time he stands on the screen shirtless, we’re all watching.

Thankfully, we live in this beautiful era where everything that happens is documented as a meme, forever. And to do absolute justice to Salman Khan’s larger than life image and shenanigans, here are 11 absolutely hilarious memes documenting Bollywood’s favourite bhai’s life. Much like his movies, these memes are amusing, light-hearted and make absolutely no sense.

Questions Science still can’t answer…

Bhai got real issues!

We relate bhai, we relate.

When Tubelight worked better as a meme than a movie.

Bhai doesn’t touch women, bhai must be God!

So this is why Bhai is single!

Another day, another Blackbuck meme.

Bhai’s got a lot of money to recover!

Bhai baal baal bache!

Bhai got sanskaars.

This meme was posted due to natural circumstances.