Not just women, why men love the #NosePin trend on Twitter too

MIllennials are loving this latest Twitter trend and no it is not just for the women

Remember those times when everything you wore and spoke of did not end up becoming a trend? Well, not anymore. We live in the age of trending fads that last only a moment before disappearing into the void. And everything that we do is now revolve around these fads because otherwise you would have FOMO (Fear of Missing Out).  When the hashtag as beautiful as the #NosePinTwitter began to trend on the microblogging site, contrary to the stereotype that only women indulge in the selfie fad or would attempt to fashion jewellery for a hashtag, even men pooled in with their pictures sporting the piece of jewellery. (Disclaimer: No harm was caused to any masculinity whatsoever).

Some people were willing to go to the extent of getting their nose pierced

And if you were afraid to take the leap of faith, here is some encouragement

And some had an interesting concept

And some celebrities like Chitrangda Singh joined the boat

It really got interesting when men began to chip in (but ofcourse they were smart about it)

But this one would have hurt

While the ladies were just happy that they got to flaunt their ornaments and share the merriment

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What a happy day to be alive!

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