Not going out this New Year's Eve? 7 ways you can chill alone instead

Planning to fly solo this New Year’s Eve because your friends ditched? Or maybe you’re just not the oh my God let’s party yaa type? Well then if you’re looking for something fun to do alone (no, not that) why not indulge yourself in your very own, cosy little party? Self-indulgence once in a while ain’t a bad thing, right?

Don’t miss out on the New Year fun just because you’re alone. From a midnight movie to Netflix-ing by yourself, here’s how you can ring in the New Year:

Pamper yourself
Honestly, just bring out that face mask and pamper yourself. And no, we’re not just talking about the ladies, guys can do it too! Head to a spa, get a good body massage, a manicure or a full blown chocolate spa session. You deserve a day of just pampering and spoiling yourself.


Netflix and Chill

Why put in the effort of getting dressing and dancing in the cold when you can order pizza, snuggle in your blanket and watch F Is For Family, BoJack Horseman or The Black Mirror instead?


Head out for a solo trip

Hype up the travel lover in you. Pack your bags and head out to some destination that you always wanted to visit. What can beat an adventurous weekend getaway?


Catch a midnight movie

If you’re not in the mood to tuck yourself in a blanket and watch movies on a laptop, just head out and catch a late night movie. You’ll probably have the theatre all to yourself. Ain’t that cool?


A long drive

Blast some loud music and go for a long drive towards the outskirts of the city. Drive until you see the sun coming up and wish yourself a Happy New Year!


Prepare yourself a fancy meal, down a bottle of whisky and doze off by 11 pm

Let’s be honest: This has always been your plan. We’re not even sure why you scrolled to the bottom of this list when you knew this is what you’re gonna do all along.


Happy new year, fellas!