Nobody can get over Ishant Sharma's epic mimicry of Steve Smith, Matt Renshaw. Seen it yet?

Smith and Renshaw retaliated, but Ishant Sharma is the clear winner when it comes to making faces.

We’re all aware of India’s obsession with cricket, so much so that it is more of a religion than a sport to most of us. So, when on Day 2 of the second test match against Australia, Ishant Sharma took to the field he caught Twitter’s attention for a lot more than his bowling. Given the amount of pressure our players often are under in such matches, Sharma decided to give himself and everyone a break by mimicking Australia’s Steve Smith and Matt Renshaw.

He did it pretty much to their face just by the way. Quite a lot like kids make faces at each other which of course called for a retaliation, because well why not play along when it’s all happening on the field. Clearly Renshaw and Smith weren’t as good, so we’re guessing Indians just are brilliant at expressions. Also, BCCI cheered everyone on and asked everyone to caption Sharma’s epic moment. Twitterati wasn’t letting such a field day go by, so they readily obliged.

Who knew Sharma was this talented off-field too!