New Macbook Pro could come with a 'Magic Toolbar'

New Macbook to get a 'Magic Toolbar'?

Ahead of the Apple Event, rumours about an OLED screen replacing the traditional function keys in the new Macbook Pro have started to gain grounds. The word is that the new Macbook Pro is likely to feature what’s being called a ‘Magic Toolbar’.

The important announcement regarding Macbook Pro’s new feature comes exactly a week ahead of the launch event on October 27.

The Trademark Ninja, who has pretty fantabulous record in digging up information about trademarks, did some digging and unearthed something that we just couldn’t believe. Apparently, the lawyers that filed patents for Airpods in Indonesia, Canada and Malaysia are also listed on the patent application filed for the term ‘Magic Toolbar’. If that wasn’t a hint, here’s more.

A corporation named Presto Apps America LLC, Delaware had filed a patent for the words ‘ Magic Toolbar’ in Western European countries back in February this year. The same company has now filed an application to trademark the magic words globally. Fishy right?

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Apple has for long used dummy corporations to file patents for its technology. And given its obsession with the word ‘magic’ (check: Magic Mouse, Magic Keyboard and Magic Track pad), we won’t be surprised if the name behind all these patents turns out to be Apple.

According to other rumours that are doing rounds, the new Mac could feature support for Touch ID and Thunderbolt. The new Macs are also likely to feature a sleek design with USB-C port replacing the conventional USB-A and an HDMI port.

Whatever it is, we just can’t wait to get our hands on the new Macbook!