PM Narendra Modi's IT + IT = IT equation has got Twitter super puzzled

PM Modi's latest equation, IT + IT = IT, is causing Twitter to titter

PM Narendra Modi was speaking at the launch of the Supreme Court’s new digital filing system for complaints, ICMIS, when in his attempt to emphasize the use of technology and science, he created a new ‘formula’.  ‘IT + IT = IT’, he said, going on to decode his freshly-minted equation as ‘Information Technology + Indian Talent = India Tomorrow’. Modi emphasized that changing the mindset of the people when it comes to technology for governance.

In the speech, he made a strong pitch for e-governance and paperless offices in the country while speaking at the inauguration seminar of the SC becoming more digital. The PM wants to create an environment for artificial intelligence and digital growth.

“Embracing technology can’t happen if only a few people are keen on it. The scale must be larger.. Mindsets have to change, that will be the beginning. However much we automate things or introduce technology, if mindsets don’t change nothing will happen”, he said.

Sadly, it was his acronym more than his ideas that struck a chord with the listeners.  Twitter obviously decided to come up with their versions of the equation, conjuring up hilarious tweets: