Twitter Is Still Not Over Ministry Of Health's Deleted 'Go Vegan' Post

The Ministry of Health and Family Welfare tweeted a photo propagating their version of good nutrition, triggering general indigestion in the masses.

This is the image they put out before deleting it thanks to the outrage that followed:

(Photo: Twitter)

The person on the left is leading an ‘unhealthy life’ because of junk food and non-vegetarian items such as eggs and meat. The person on the right is clearly a vegetarian, and thus ‘healthier’. Now while we all know where junk food stands in the healthy vs unhealthy debate, intake of meat is purely an individual’s choice. Also, are women the only ones who don’t need protein? Because the choice of the image seems rather dicey.

Twitterati did not like the image that made a statement with no scientific backing. Not only is the tweet incorrect, the image is blatantly copied from an Instagram account:

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