#MileSurMeraTumhara is trending on Twitter and the reason will bring a huge smile on your faces

Amid trolling and online bullying, netizens have managed to get #MileSurMeraTumhara trending on Twitter and it is refreshing!

Every single time that you get on Twitter, you witness at least one person who is trending because he/she probably getting trolled on social media. Amid reports of communalism and polarisation, you crave to see some positivity around but seldom does that happen considering how rampant online bullying has become. Amid reports of growing tensions between India and Pakistan, you crave to see some reports of religious harmony and peace.

Yesterday, singer Sonu Nigam raked up a debate on “religious forceness” after he came forward to say how his sleep gets disturbed with Mosques using loudspeakers to relay Azaan (call for prayer) and had to deal with it despite him not being a Muslim. Twitter was divided over the issue. While some lashed out at him calling him intolerant towards a certain community some backed his stand against loud speakers. However, on the very day when people just couldn’t stop talking about religious forceness and brought up topics including beef ban, a hashtag that for a change would calm your otherwise agitated soul started trending on Twitter.

Amid conversations over deep political religious divide, it was heartening to see some promoting religious oneness by tweeting out messages of unity and togetherness with #MileSurMeraTumhara. These tweets are sure t bring a smile on your faces:

How refreshing is that?