Meme Review: The Funniest Desi Memes Of 2018 So Far

We're into only the 3rd month of 2018 and have witnessed some pretty amazing memes in such a short period

Since 90% of your phone’s data is wasted…nay…utilized in watching memes, it’s only logical for us to do a roundup of the best memes of 2018 so far, right?

We’re into only the 3rd month of 2018 and have already witnessed some pretty amazing memes in such a short period. From Padmaavat to Priya Prakash, we rate some of the best desi memes of 2018 so far:

Priya Prakash
The winking girl broke the internet with her eyebrows and the memes followed. While the original video got pretty boring very quickly, the memes that followed were pretty fire. This meme is definitely a 9/10 (would’ve been a perfect 10 if the video wasn’t so Goddamn irritating):

Only AIB can start a movement so massive — the #PyarEkDhokaHai videos and memes overshadowed everything romantic that happened on Valentine’s day. 10/10. Thank you, AIB.

Mahesh Babu
Ya’ll know what happens when a bunch (and by a bunch we mean thousands) of Mahesh Babu fans spam Tom Cruise’s post, right? Memes. While the comments on Tom’s posts were downright hilarious, the memes were okay. Our verdict: 6/10.

From lyrics misheard to hilarious dubs, the Khalibali memes were pretty hilarious. Definitely, an 8/10 meme because even though the memes were fun, they were pretty shortlived.

Hands down, the ultimate fodder for memes in 2018: the release of Padmavati/Padmavat/Padmaavat. 10/10. Perfect.

Train meme
The guy who got hit by a train while filming himself became an international meme (yeah, we’re not proud either). 5/10 for this meme.

The entire ‘Don’t call me baby’ fiasco clearly showed that when it comes to respecting women, we desis still have a long way to go. 10/10 meme.