Meet Yuvraj, the buffalo worth a whopping Rs 9.25 crore and no we did not get the number of zeroes wrong

Yuvraj is a star attraction at the Gramodaya Mela and has several attempting to buy him.

Cows and buffaloes have been of utmost importance in our country, sometimes leaving behind human beings in importance by a huge margin in fact. From worshiping them to being very worried about people killing them to eat their meat, we all know what ruckus they are capable of making. So, when it’s a buffalo worth 9.25 crore it’s bound to hit headlines. No, we didn’t get the number of zeroes wrong, this guy indeed is worth this whooping amount!

Yuvraj’s daily diet consists of 20 litres of milk, 10 kg fruits such as apples, turnips, 5 kg of fodder and 5 kg dry straw. Yuvraj’s routine also includes a daily walk of 5 km. Yuvraj is the star attraction at the ongoing Gramodaya Mela in Chitrakoot, on the UP-MP border being organised at Surendra Pal Gramodaya Field, Deendayal Campus, by the Union government.

The 9-year old lad weighs 15 quintals and is 11.5 feet long and 5.8 feet tall. He has farmers from both UP and MP competing to be Yuvraj’s owner. Yuvraj’s owner told a media house that he has taken care of the buffalo like his own child and treats him like a family member. To his owner, Yuvraj is priceless.

Yuvraj’s owner Karamveer Singh said that he roughly earns over 50 lakh per year from Yuvraj, and adds that he spent a lot of the cash to keep this lad in good health. 3,000 bucks are spent everyday on Yuvraj’s food A single ejaculation of Yuvraj, triggered with the help of a teaser animal or by electro-stimulation method, ejects anywhere between 10-14 ml of semen, which is then diluted scientifically and 700 to 900 doses are prepared with it. Karamvir plans to sell these doses at minimum price to keep it convenient for people.

We are all waiting to see who this big brother of buffaloes goes to eventually!