Meet the tattoo artists who focus on pain, not aesthetics!

Their tattooing sessions are the complete opposite of what you see in the glamorised, conformist, media-friendly tattoo industry.

Pain is inevitable during a tattoo session and tattooists are usually careful about the client’s pain threshold. Nothing unusual about it, right? What if their focus is all needles and pins instead of aesthetics? Wait till you experience the worst tattooing nightmare – the Brutal Black Project.

This is one of the most brutal experiences in the realm of tattooing, and your normal tattooing sessions look like cute little painting sessions once you see what goes down here. This is project will scar you for life, quite literally.

The tattoo collective is a collaboration between tattooists Valerio Cancellier and Cammy Stewart. “No compassion, no scruples, no empathy” is their motto and boy do they deliver. They make unique body tattoos with such raw passion and intense energy, and don’t give two hoots about the pain they inflict on the clients. Both of them have normal tattoo studios too, but their passion for the BBP is unparalleled. In an interview, Philip was quoted saying:

Seeing the pain in their (the clients) eyes, their shaking bodies is a mess but it’s all done to break one’s own will and to go to its outermost. When you have problems to walk after the session you have done it right. Pain is perishable, proud remains eternal! There’s no negativity in it – no hate, no sadism. Anyway, I’m just the vehicle, the executioner, the butcher. The body can bear this kind of ritual, but it is necessary to have a very strong mind.

Here’s a glimpse of what their insane tattooing sessions look like (be warned, it’s pretty NSFW):

While we gotta give it to them for being ballsy enough to start this collective, let’s hope no one dies?! If this piqued your interest, you can follow them on Facebook here!

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