Meet Sandy Saha, The Official 'Class Clown' In Roadies Xtreme

If there’s one character on Roadies Xtreme that everyone loves to love, it’s Sandy Saha. The 22 year old made the judges laugh with his crazy antics and his rather soulful rendition of the song Kundi Naa Khadkao Raja. 

While social media knows him for his hilarious expressions and dance videos, here’s a little something you might not know: Sandy runs an NGO called  Ichhe foundation that helps underprivileged kids and street dogs. Sandy puts in a part of his own earnings into this good cause! Sandy is also an LGBT rights activist and actively takes part in pride parades.

Talking about his Roadies journey to Inuth, Sandy said-

My journey was absolutely awesome. Roadies gave me some golden days of my life that I’ll always cherish. I had already done the Bengali version of Roadies, but this one gave me so much exposure. My popularity was majorly negative because most people are still homophobic and they’d say a lot of mean things. Now they see me as an entertainer! Yes, there are still people who troll me but after Roadies I’ve gained so many fans who constantly ask me how to prepare for Roadies.

Here are some of Sandy’s Oscar worthy performances that made him the social media darling he is today: