#MasculinitySoFragile: Chinese Camp 'Trains' K-Pop Fans Into Becoming 'Alpha Males'

BTS or Bangton Boys, a South Korean band, has been gaining worldwide attention. The fact that it was one of most googled bands in 2019, is a testimony this. Along with a huge fanbase, the K-pop (Korean pop) band has now found its share of critics as well.

And the criticism? They are promoting “effeminate” qualities in men.

To combat this, a former school teacher in China, Tang Haiyan, has founded a boot camp –the Real Men Training Club. According to Los Angeles Times, the camp aims to train men to be ‘alpha men’ and fight what Tang sees as the ‘masculinity crisis’. According to Tang, the K-pop idols with dyed hair, makeup and jewelry promote “effeminate” qualities in men.

“If you are promoting these effeminate figures it’s a calamity for our country,” Tang told Los Angeles Times.

Started in 2012, the club has enrolled over 2,000 boys till date.  These boys undergo various physical activities American football, wrestling and boxing, and annual treks, which according to Haiyan are ‘manly’ activities.

Even China’s state-run media condemned the K-pop idols as ‘sissy pants’. They went further to even blur earrings worn by men on television. They tagged K-pop as a ‘sick and decadent culture’ that is threatening the future of the nation.