Mark Zuckerberg cites Modi's 'feedback based governance' example in his post. Do we smell a new bromance brewing?

Mark Zuckerberg and Modi's handshake and comraderie had occupied headlines back in 2014 too.

Back in 2014 Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg met Narendra Modi and their handshake hit headlines and stayed in news for quite a long time. The duo are in news again with their new found unconventional brand of bromance, all thanks to a Facebook post where Zuckerberg praised the Modi government.

In a post on Facebook the CEO spoke of how we can build a better global community via social media and how the new platform for communication brings together opinions from across the world and that too real-time. Zuckerberg spoke about how it’s important that the global community is made in a way that works for all. It was in this post that Zuckerberg praised Modi for seeking opinion from his ministers after meetings. This is what the Facebook CEO wrote:

“Beyond voting, the greatest opportunity is helping people stay engaged with the issues that matter to them every day, not just every few years at the ballot box. We can help establish direct dialogue and accountability between people and our elected leaders. In India, Prime Minister Modi has asked his ministers to share their meetings and information on Facebook so they can hear direct feedback from citizens. In Kenya, whole villages are in WhatsApp groups together, including their representatives. In recent campaigns around the world — from India and Indonesia across Europe to the United States — we’ve seen the candidate with the largest and most engaged following on Facebook usually wins. Just as TV became the primary medium for civic communication in the 1960s, social media is becoming this in the 21st century.”

In a longish post, the Facebook CEO spoke of how he wanted his global community to be and put his views under several headers. Here is his entire post:

It’s fairly interesting to see Zuckerberg praise Modi for looking forward to feedback on meetings he conducts, especially given the fact that USA’s brand new President might not consider any such move in a long time to come. Zuckerberg has expressed his appreciation for the PM previously as well and whether or not we agree to his policies, we cannot help but notice how the PM has earned us a mention in Zuckerberg’s post.