#MardonWaliBaat: Let this Twitter thread tell you how to explain menstruation to young men

We all know the taboo and stigma around menstruation, what this thread does is tries to find a solution to the issue.

While society has come a long way and is open to discussing several topics that could earlier make people cringe, some taboos remain in place and very firmly at that. Menstruation is one of them. Women have a hard time getting through their periods every month, won’t empathetic and supportive men in the household come in handy in such a situation? What must be done to make sure we have more such grown up men around us?

This Twitter thread started off by Genderlog India aimed to find out exactly this and has managed itself a few fairly useful responses. From how the onus to talk about periods lies on the father as much as on the mother, to how from a young age brothers and fathers should normalize such discussions the thread is a fresh change.

In a society where women are still very hush-hush about the fact that they are on their period, the fact that a Twitter page began such an open-ended dialogue with the hashtag ‘MardonWaliBaat’ on the issue is awesome. Here’s the thread on Twitter which is giving us much hope about how the stigma related to menstruation might soon be a thing of the past, not just in India but all over the world.

Kudos to Genderlog India for kicking off this much needed discussion.