Manchester attack: Sikh community generously helps with food, shelter and free cab rides for victims

From offering free rides to opening up Gurudwaras for survivors here is what the Sikh community is doing after the Manchester attack

Ariana Grande had just finished her concert in Manchester and left the stage when a homemade bomb exploded right next to the arena where the event was being held. The bombing had taken place right between the arena and area right next to the exit towards Manchester Victoria train station. The incident claimed 22 lives and left over 59 injured according to the BBC. In the wake of this tragedy, those in and around the area joined in the rescue work. Notable among these good samaritans is the Sikh community – for every time there has been a natural or man-made disaster in their vicinity or abroad the Sikh community in the UK (and elsewhere) has never hesitated to offer help, food, shelter and money.

AJ Singh was just like any regular taxi driver from Manchester, driving around the city looking for passengers. He was among the many Mancunians who rushed to aid of those caught up in the chaos that followed the suicide bombing at Manchester Arena on Monday night. With a hand-written note posted on his windshield “Free Taxi, If needed”, Singh began doing the rounds of the block picking up strangers and offering free rides. Singh was able to help many of the injured victims at the site of the blast and rushed them to their houses or medical aid whichever they preferred.

After the terror attack, Gurudwaras began offering food and accommodation. In the wake of one of the deadliest attacks in the United Kingdom, four Gurudwaras opened up for all the those in need of shelter or food. Sri Guru Gobind Singh Gurdwara Educational and Cultural Centre, Gurdwara Sri Guru Harkrisham Sahib, Dasmesh Sikh Temple and Central Gurdwara Manchester were some of the Sikh temples offering the aid and care for any victims of the terror attack.

The Cosmopolitan UK made the goof up confusing him with a Muslim man and went on to rectify their mistake in the story when a Twitter user corrected them.

The Sikh community came together to provide help for those affected by the blast from setting up water stalls for people on the streets (a traditional Sikh practice) to coming out with support for the city. The Sikh community has really shown their camaraderie with the people of Manchester.

Many other Mancunian taxi drivers were offering their services for free for anyone in need after public transport was shut down in the aftermath of the attack. Local residents and hotels offered their homes for any survivors of the attack. The locals began offering refuge on Twitter using the hashtag #RoomForManchester helping people track their nearest homestay.

Mancunians pulled together to support each other in these grave times of distress and have shown the world a brave front.

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