Let Virender Sehwag tell you how one can earn 30 lakhs simply by being witty on Twitter

The former professional cricketer has made around 30 lakhs in six months through Twitter.

If you thought cricket was the only thing Virender Sehwag is awesome at, his Twitter account is here to change your opinion. His tendency to put up witty 140 character-long takes on issues and sometimes even in reply to people has made him a social media star.
It is not everyday that one sees a former professional cricketer making 30 lakhs simply out of having fun and being witty on Twitter. But well, that’s Sehwag for you. From Tweeting about in support of social cause to bringing down Piers Morgan when he tried to take a dig at India’s position in cricket, he has done it all. So it is surely not for nothing that Sehwag has gotten himself the status of a social media star. His witty Twitter presence earned him a place on the ‘Brunch’ magazine cover.

The list does not end here, he even got roped in by brands to advertise them because nothing sells better than humour. What Sehwag does effectively is sells what he is asked to without compromising on his trademark brand of humour. What he did for Sony’s Indian Idol here is a classic example of that.

Here are a few other examples of Viru paaji’s wit unleashed on his Twitter handle:

Being the wit-laced social media star that he is, he took the reins in his own hands when it came to promoting his 40-acre Sehwag International School.

Staying true to his rule-breaking attitude, Sehwag has carved himself a niche in the world of social media. All of this in just 140 characters.