Let this four-year old tell you what is wrong with new year resolutions

Who can serve food for thought better than an adorable four year old.

If new year resolutions have been crucial to the start of every year for you, this four year old is here to tell you her issues with it. Before you dismiss as just another adorable kid, do take note of the strong point she makes.

At the outset, she makes it clear she finds new year’s resolutions ‘too difficult’ and quickly follows the defence that she is not particularly bad at them. I mean, ‘she’s been alive only four new year’s’!

She makes a very mature point when she says that when people make resolutions they think their duty towards making a change ends right there. Resolutions make it seem like there is just one time in the year when making a change is important, quite contrary to the change is the only constant idiom we often cite. The fact that she says what she does in the most adorable way possible makes it even more difficult to disagree with her.

Do not be too disappointed though. She does not want you to flush your resolutions down the toilet, the same one her little brother has no idea how to use. In fact she asks you to keep them and wait for the little moments of change that will help the bigger change happen, and to do what’s right and not what’s easy.
So, take this little girl’s grown-up advice and go easy on yourself with the resolutions this year. To be honest, most of us do not end up following our resolutions halfway through, let alone fulfilling them. Watch the video and let her tell you why: