KRK tried to troll Swara Bhaskar and FAILED miserably!

It's KRK, what do you expect?

The notorious KRK is back at it again. The infamous twitter troll tried to pull one on the talented actress Swara Bhaskara today and let’s just say he got exactly what he deserved.

At this point we’re too tired of explaining these absurd KRK Twitter sagas, but here goes:

In an obvious bid for attention, KRK, an actor par excellence himself, replied to Karan Johar’s tweet saying that Swara Bhaskar’s latest flick ‘Anaarkali of Aaarah’ will be a super-flop because he says so.

After he sent out this tweet, he received a slew of tweets from people trolling him and his acting abilities. He got a reply from Swara too, that shut him down completely.

Check out Karan Johar’s tweet:

KRK, being the wise ass he is, replied:

Swara hit back at him with a fitting reply:

People supported Swara and dissed KRK:

2 rs people will be 2 rs people. We wish you all the best for your movie, Swara!