Kimmel recreates adorable ‘Lion King’ moment with Sunny Pawar at Oscars


The Oscars are always a star studded affair, but cute little Sunny Pawar clearly steals the shows this year. The endearing child star was the apple of everyone’s eye after his adorable ‘Lion King’ moment with host Jimmy Kimmel.

Jimmy Kimmel walked down to where Sunny was sitting to talk to him randomly about the editing quality of ‘Hacksaw Ridge’. A super confused Sunny kept answering with ‘yes’.

The child star, who has given a breathtaking performance in Lion smiled when Kimmel asked him whether he had seen “Lion King”.

After Kimmel asked if he enjoyed Lion King, he asked Pawar to re-create the iconic moment from the film. After joking that Pawar would have to hold Kimmel up as Rafiki holds up Simba in the film, he said that it would be best if they went the other way around and lil Sunny agreed.

After agreeing to reenact the scene which featured Simba and his dad Mufasa, Kimmel and Sunny recreated it in front of all the Hollywood stars and everyone was ‘aww’struck.

Kimmel dropped candy from the ceiling for the crowd and asked Sunny if he enjoyed it, to which Pawar answered yes.

Watch the video here: