Justin Trudeau brings his 3-year-old son Hadrien to work and we can't stop smiling at the pictures

Canadian PM Justin Trudeau brings his son to the Prime Minister's Office and the pictures are adorable. Seems like the 3 year old Hadrien had a blast.

Just when you thought you had had enough of Trudeau he brings his son to work. Canadian PM Justin Trudeau has been winning people with his super charming personality but he recently swept people when he brought his son to work. The fact that he is a family man only seemed to add the cherry on the cake. Trudeau’s 3 year old son Hadrien came into his office at the Hill Office House of Commons in Ottawa, Canada. Trudeau’s kids are quite often seen spending time with their father at the office and so Hadrien’s visit to the Prime Minister’s Office was nothing short of routine. However, the press and the shutterbugs seemed to be delighted to snap away his cute little antics.

Trudeau’s youngest son met the caucus, ran in the hallways with his dad and decided to fill his shoes by taking the esteemed chair. Hadrien played peek-a-boo with his father in his chambers and continued to amuse him with his joyful little tricks. Trudeau was prompt in attending to his son as he completed daddy duties and was reported saying that he thought it was important to bring children to work as it helps them see their father in a different role as well as gives them time to bond.

If these pictures that Trudeau shared with the caption “Had some company at the office today!” are any hint then surely we are convinced.