Joe Biden is leaving office, and the internet is obviously mourning the loss of such a meme-able VP

Obama-Biden's genuine friendship has given us all the feels and their memes will surely be missed.

Joe Biden has been a very meme-able VP for all of us and his friendship with the outgoing President Barack Obama has given the world friendship goals all the while. Now that Biden’s last day in office is here, Twitter is mourning the loss of Biden memes. It’s understandable that social media would mourn the last day of a Vice-President who makes his love for ice-cream known in as nonchalant a way as possible.

While several Presidents and VPs have come and gone, the Biden-Obama friendship has always been way beyond work. Sample the two of them together supporting Michelle Obama’s ‘Let’s Move’ initiative here. Can’t we all relate to how we would anytime go to our best friend to run with us?

Check out how Twitteratti is mourning the loss of such irreplaceable memes.

What started off with Biden putting his first selfie after taking office, has given us a lifetime of laughter and Twitter is sure to miss the outgoing Vice President.