'James Bond is racist and sexist': Millennials figure out what baby boomers didn't

Movie franchise James Bond has come under the scanner, and is receiving backlash from millennials who saw the older James Bond films for the first time. What was the norm in the 60s and 70s seems pretty appalling in 2018, what with the explicit sexism, racism and downright ‘normalized’ rape scenes.

A video uploaded on YouTube in 2017 has recently caught the internet’s attention: Inappropriate Moments in James Bond Movies. Kids who were too young to have seen previous ‘Bonds’ like Roger Moore, Sean Connery, Timothy Dalton are now watching the old school movies and here’s why they are horrified:

1) This oh-so-macho scene where James Bond slaps his female partner’s butt and asks her to leave because major ‘man talk’ is going down. She probably made him a sandwich after that, we’re guessing?

This scene in Thunderball where Bond forcefully kissed a woman like it’s no big deal:

Another Thunderball scene where Bond walks in to a room where a woman is bathing. Uninvited. And when she tells him to give her something to put on, he hands her shoes. Yep.

Just imagine the kind of outrage the movie would face if it had such scenes today. But it’s not just the older films that are problematic, Daniel Craig’s Skyfall has also come under the millennial radar thanks to a shower scene where Mr. Bond shows up unannounced and forces himself upon the female character. Here’s what the kids are saying:

There are people with contrary opinions too. People are saying that Ian Flemings’ James Bond books were written in a very different time and millennials need to chill.

Checkout the video right here and decide- is this inappropriate or acceptable behaviour by a man?