It's International Puppy Day and here are some pups who are basically stuff toys

Every day is puppy day, but every dog has its day you know.

You could be broke and have nothing with you apart from the clothes you are wearing and the few coins in your pocket or in a worse situation, but there is someone you would still mean the world to. To whom, you ask? To your dog. Your dog would wag it’s tail at the sight of a very broken you as happily as it would to a very successful you. Like M.K. Clinton said, ‘the world would be a better place if everyone had the ability to love as unconditionally as a dog.’

Humans might or might not be faithful, might or might not have integrity, but a dog is full of both. In the spirit of man’s best friend, today is celebrated as International Puppy Day and we obviously cannot let go of a chance to show how crazy we are about them. For any of us who has ever owned or even loved a dog it’s easy to agree to the kind of therapy that a dog’s lick is and how them curling up next to us ensures a sound sleep.

This International Puppy Day we bring to you 10 photos of puppies who are basically stuff toys. Even though every day is puppy day and every dog always thinks he/she is a puppy, what’s the harm in dedicating one day to them, right?

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Didn’t these cuties just make your day?