Is #DivorceGoals now a legit hashtag? Social media sure loves it

Amicable breakups and healthy post-divorce relationships of new age celebrities has now been captured for posterity with a hashtag

Bollywood and love-stories go way back. Boy meets girl, falls in love, gets married and lives happily ever after. The end.

Here’s the deal: Marriages don’t come with an instruction manual and it’s perfectly natural for people to fall out of love. When that happens, it’s only pragmatic to put your own happiness first and part ways. Nothing good comes out of a relationship that doesn’t help you grow and evolve as a person.

While Bollywood movies are yet to learn about this, couples in Bollywood are stepping up and showing us that  amicable breakups and healthy relationships post separation are possible. Raghu Ram and his wife Sugandha recently coined the term ‘#DivorceGoals’ as they shared their separation story, showing the world that a divorce isn’t the end of the world, or a relationship! Here are some stories:

Raghu Ram and Sugandha Garg:

When Raghu Ram shared the news of his divorce with wife Sugandha Garg on Instagram, we realized the true meaning of a respectful, amicable breakup. Their realtionship didn’t work out and they prioritised friendship over everything else. Thanks for the #DivorceGoals, Raghu!

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Hrithik Roshan and Sussanne Khan:

Hrithik Roshan and Sussanne Khan were once young sweethearts and everyone thought their marriage would last the test of time. Alas, they didn’t. But that’s okay, right? The ex couple are still friends who fiercely defend each other and have not let animosity seep into their relationship.

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Kalki Koechlin and Anurag Kashyap:

In a recent interview, Anurag Kashyap and Kalki Koechlin showed that exes can still have immense respect for each other, both professionally and personally. Their friendship is still strong as ever and they even poked fun at their relationship. All’s well that ends well!

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