Is chocolate the love of your life? Rejoice because you can be a professional chocolate taster now!

Here's your chance to literally work in a chocolate factory!

All you chocolate addicts out there, Mondelez International is here with your dream job. Eating chocolate for a loving is about to become a real job now and you’d be called a ‘chocolate and cocoa beverage taster’. Fancy name, no? Imagine how mouth-watering the interview must be.

Top chocolate brands like Cadbury, Milks, Prince and Oreo have announced on LinkedIn that they are officially looking for someone to taste chocolates for them. Chosen candidates will be required to help the companies taste and perfect a completely new product yet to be launched in the market.

The job opportunity on LinkedIn says Mondelez International is looking for someone with a passion for confectionery, the ability to be honest when giving an opinion and eager to try new and inventive products. The professional sweet treat taster will be working in a team comprising of 11 panelists and a panel leader in the company. So, we hope you realize this job can be quite demanding considering cocoa-lovers would be required to criticize the love of their lives.

Mind you, candidates must be able to taste chocolate and cocoa beverages and use well defined vocabulary to describe the products. You’d be working out of a Mondelez building in Reading, and the position is advertised as part time taking up 7.5 hours per week from Tuesday-Thursday. Mondelez says its an entry level job, so you might not be in need of years of experience to land this opportunity.

If you’re already imagining yourself as one among the tasters, what are you waiting for? Log on to LinkedIn and let chocolate change your life!