In today's WTF news, students hand out Hitler-themed Valentine's day card at Michigan University

Somebody is sure sick enough to make a joke out of how Hitler's Nazi regime during the Holocaust.

Valentine’s Day is round the corner and conventionally this is supposed to be a time when love is in the air. Someone at Michigan University, however, does not seem to able to get over their hatred for the Jews. Talk about bringing dead bodies out of the closet, quite literally and oh so insensitively.

Before you think we are a bunch of lunatics levelling mindless accusations, an anti-Semitic Valentine’s Day card was produced during a Republican group meeting in the Michigan University campus. The card was then handed out to students by a member of that group, which says it was an unsanctioned mistake. The College Republicans at Central Michigan almost immediately apologized while distancing itself from the incident.

The card in question has Adolf Hitler on it alongside the words, “my love for u burns like the 6,000 Jews’. Yes, let that sink in. The group was quick to call the card ‘very inappropriate’. Well, now there’s no denying that. It would baffle any sane person to think who on Earth thought it was fine to even make something of the sort.

Speaking to Washington Post, University President George Ross said that campus leaders will meet on Thursday and determine what steps are to be taken next. He added that this is not what Michigan University is as a campus and such hurtful, offensive language is not consisten with their values and standards. He issued a statement making it clear that the university and administration does not under any circumstance condone such anti-Semitism and apologized for any offense that’s been taken.

The student group that’s been looked upon as responsible for the incident also came out with their justification. The President of the group said that though this is highly inappropriate, the card was not made by anyone who was a part of the group. Even on Twitter, there seemed to be widespread acceptance of the fact that this was the product of someone’s extremely sick mentality and was nothing short of inhumane.

To whosoever did this, get well soon please.