In this age of electronic music, Rohtak schoolgirls' rendition of a Haryanvi bhajan is going viral

This bhajan has been given a new touch and is striking a chord with the younger generation.

With the music scene in India having taken a massive turn towards electronically made music, a group of girls singing a bhajan would have to be brilliant to score themselves viral status, right? Well, these girls from a government school in Sanghi village in Rohtak district have managed to take the Internet by storm with their lovely rendition of a Haryanvi bhajan. And, they are without doubt worth a listen.

The bhajan ‘bataa mere yaar sudaama re’ is fairly popular among the older generation in the district and unfolds in the manner of a conversation between Lord Krishna and childhood friend Sudama. The two are re-united after a very long time and what they have to say to each other form the lyrics of the bhajan.

The lead singer, Vidhi, had picked this song up from her mother who brought the tune home from a satsang that she had attended. She took it to Somesh Jangra, a music scholar from Maharishi Dayanand University who gave the music for the version that the girls performed.

Somesh Jangra says that he did not expect the rendition to become this popular when he uploaded it on YouTube. The video has been viewed by more than 80 lakh people and shared more than 20,000 times on Facebook. The daughter of a farmer, Vidhi has no formal training in music.

Vidhi along with Isha, Rinku, Muskaan and Manisha had performed this song for the first time at a school in February 2016 and it was later selected for a performance at the Kurukshetra University. When the girls sang it there, the Haryana agriculture minister Om Prakash Dhankar was so impressed that he gave them Rs 31,000 as cash prize for the lovely rendition.

Somesh Jangra’s composition along with the girls’ talent has now earned this Haryanvi bhajan viral status. The girls have been getting several invitations for live performances and seem like they are on their way to celebrity status. Though offbeat, the soft music and stellar performance will have you listening to these girls on loop!