'Human Uber' is a thing now, and you can use it to avoid social interaction

Humans, as a species, have finally peaked. Japanese researcher Jun Rekimoto has developed a special screen that can be strapped to a person’s face and allow them to live on your behalf. Yep, they took ‘Live my life’ to the extreme.

The person will be dressing up as you and will have your face shown where theirs is using a tab. You’ll now be able to pay someone to go about living your life, as you lounge at home, watching life unfold through your laptop. You’ll be able to use its camera to communicate with people your ‘body surrogate’ meets through the day.

This is how the tool, known as ChameleonMask, works:

(Photo: BBC.co.uk)

Basically, picture this: Your sister needs help moving, but you don’t want to go carry boxes around all day. Just hire a ‘body surrogate’ to do the moving for you, while you project your face onto a ChameleonMask from the comfort of your house while offering words of encouragement. Or maybe your boring cousin is getting married and you really don’t want to go? Someone in a ChameleonMask will go and attend the wedding.

Yes, before you say it, this is indeed similar to what Sheldon did in an episode of The Big Bang Theory:

Have we really blurred the lines between reality and fiction? What a time to be alive!