How unconditional is your partner's love? Gift a hissing cockroach this V-day and find out!

Move over the kisses, this Valentine's celebrate the love with hisses.

Tired of cliched gifts and looking for something completely out of the world to gift your Valentine this year? What about something straight from Madagascar? We present to you the most innovate Valentine’s day gift for your love: a hissing cockroach. No, we are not pranking you. This is a real gift we suggest you consider, after all love is crazy.

It’s not the real, living insect that you would be gifting though, since it could send the love of your life running out of the house and also eventually out of your life. You see, that’s not the kind of V-day we would want for you. What this allows you to do is name a cockroach after the person you love, and it’s no ordinary cockroach but one from the Bronx Zoo at Madagascar. This is the zoo’s annual romantic gesture and for those of you who are still not convinced, there is also a cute video to rope you in.

The ten dollars you pay for this roach goes to Wildlife Conservation Society. In return they send you a digital certificate that you can gift your partner. If you take it up a notch and pay 35 dollars, they’d also send you a box of chocolates or an adorable little stuffed cockroach. Pay them 50 dollars and you can have both. You see, the gesture is not completely sans mush.

Do not take the bug for granted, it grows up to two to three inches. Now won’t your love be overjoyed if something you name after it grows up to be a hissing healthy roach? We have seen people name stars after their loved ones, now think out of the box and name cockroaches.