How Trump fan Hindu Sena reacted to US President-elect's lovey-dovey talk with Nawaz Sharif

Internet is exploding over the transcript of the conversation between Donald Trump and Nawaz Sharif that was released by Pakistani authorities earlier today

In the transcript, Donald Trump called Nawaz Sharif a “terrific guy” and said, “He would love to come to a fantastic country, fantastic place of fantastic people”. Now, the quote seems a little fishy and there are reports of the transcript might be fake since there has been no official confirmation from Trump. Hindu Sena (a political party known for being a staunch Trump supporter) has

Hindu Sena (a right-wing fringe organisation known for being a staunch Trump supporter) has an interesting take on the alleged conversation.














Given the fact that Hindu Sena (and several other Indians in America) supported Trump for his vow to impose ban on Muslims, it goes without saying that Trump’s sudden display of affection towards Pakistanis (and Nawaz Sharif) will give them nightmares.

One would expect Hindu Sena, especially to be distraught and appalled, since all the havans conducted by them in favour of Trump’s victory have now gone waste. But their take on the issue is completely different.



In an exclusive statement to InUth, Vishal Gupta, the political head of Hindu Sena called the conversation a diplomatic move and an attempt to establish cordial relations with Pakistan.

He is bound to indulge in global diplomacy but his political inclinations are in favor of India and Hindus. He has been saying “I love India” and “I love Hindus” throughout his campaign.  Once he is sworn into the office, India will make attempts to destroy the terror camps in Pakistan and Donald Trump will support them.

In the transcript, Trump said “It feels like I am talking to a person I have known for long”. Feel free to call be anytime before 20th January, that is, before I assume my office”.

Trump also said: “Tell Pakistanis that I love him and all Pakistanis I met are fantastic people”. On being invited by Sharif, Trump said he would love to come to Pakistan someday.


On being asked whether the fact that Trump might visit Pakistan bothers him, he said:

Narendra Modi visited Pakistan too. I voted for him, I stood by him. And I will stand by Trump too. One is bound to be diplomatic but at the end of the day, Trump is anti-Muslim and pro-Hindu and will help India destroy Pakistan.

After Trump and Sharif had a romantic getaway, one would expect Hindu Sena to play the “insecure girlfriend” and question Trump’s loyalty towards India, but it looks like Hindu Sena is playing “the sorted chic” who has unbreakable faith in her partner.


Is Hindu Sena trying to play cool and not freak out over this shocking development or do they really, really trust Trump? Needless to say, if everything goes wrong and Trump ends up visiting Pakistan, we are sure Hindu Sena would perform multiple havans that would change his mind and bring him back to normal.

*Crises Averted*!