Hilarious Desi YouTube Comments That Are Funnier Than The Actual Video

Here’s a little thing the world needs to know about us desis- savagery is in our DNA.

The comment section on YouTube is the internet’s favorite place to showcase their sense of humor and sheer savagery cuz everyone gets to write what the hell ever they want to write. While most comments are spammy and trashy (Hindu-Muslim debates or SRK-Salman fanclub fights), there are some insanely hilarious comments that make YouTube our favorite place on the internet.

Without further ado, here are a bunch of hilarious desis being extra lit on YouTube’s comment section-


Let’s be real though, this video had it coming! *cringes*

The only good thing about this Godawful song is this hilarious comment… and obviously the memes.

FYI: At 2:20, a man runs Arjun Kapoor over with his car. We’re not saying it, you’re not saying it, but we’re all thinking it. Sheer.Goddamn.savage.

This guy legit searched for Neal n Nikki in 2016 just to drop a savage comment. Can we give him a medal?

Yo when Bapu comes back from the dead just to leave a hate comment, you know you’ve screwed up real bad-

Snarky comment na karna impossible!

Helping people with subtitles whilst being a savage. Bravo.