Here's What Kuch Kuch Hota Hai 2 Would Look Like If It Was Written By Our Generation

Kuch Kuch Hota Hai was a major hit in 1998 (but if you watch the movie for the first time today, you won’t be able to sit through it for more than 30 minutes) and a sequel is much awaited.

Since our generation is just a bunch of extraordinarily talented kids, we decided that we will take on the responsibility of curating a sequel for Karan Johar’s K2H2. Everyone loved the movie and it’s high time we got a sequel, right? Let’s take off where the movie ends-

Since Rahul and Anjali have only been friends in college and never really dated, their hurried marriage starts falling apart-

Lil’ Anjali now lives in a hostel. She realizes her mom is pretty irritating (and tbh having 2 Anjali’s in the same house was realllyyy inconvenient) and encouraged her dad to get a divorce.

Now a single Rahul gets the shock of his life- lil’ Anjali comes back home with Aman. Yes, the same Aman her mom was getting married too. They’re in love (Mostly because is still hung up on his Anjali) and want to be together.

Lil’ Anjali and Aman reach Rahul’s house and Aman realizes that Rahul and Anjali are soon getting divorced.

Aman reaches out to her ex-fiance in this time of need. One things leads to another and they… well… end up together.

Aman marries the Anjali he really wanted to be with, leaving the obnoxious lil Anjali and her oblivious-to-human-emotions dad single AF, just the way they deserved.

The END.