Here's what happens when a woman says NO in the world of bad Tinder dates

Going on a first date is always a nerve-wracking occasion, especially if it’s a Tinder date.

Tinder, one of the most popular online dating websites, is notorious for dates that turn out to be total flops. From scary tales of strangers losing their temper during a date to situations going so out of control that someone has to escape through the washroom– we’ve all been on at least one bad Tinder date in our life. Comedian Ayushi Jagad recently showed the world how women deal with the guy they should have swiped left on (using comments and dialogues from actual dates) and it’s pretty spot on!

Before you watch the video, for the unaware (read: lucky), here’s how a typical bad date goes:

The amazing compliments…

And then there’s the ‘let’s get to know each other’ session

And then the guy obviously turns out to be a ‘feminist’

And if you reveal that you smoke and drink, it’s going down for real.

And here’s what happens when you say no…

How dare you say no? You smoke, drink and hookup… what is your problem?! Every girl has been on a date with this guy– instead accepting it and making it a small deal and still stand some chance of rebuilding the girl’s and salvaging the interaction, they go on a rampage because the girl said no even though she’s open to hookups. Ouch.

Hopefully by the end of this video, you guys (and girls) can take a note– a girl (or a guy) can turn you down. They have the right to do so. Instead of running about with your inflated (now deflated) ego, take it like an adult and deal with it. Okay?

Watch the hilarious video righ here: