Hair Stylist To Roadies Xtreme Finalist: Meet Farha Fatima Khan

The conservative lifestyle and upbringing in an orthodox family may have deterred Farha Fatima Khan’s dream of learning martial arts, but it couldn’t kill her dreams of doing something with her life.

Farha is one of the most lovable and quirky contestants on Roadies Xtreme and her story is anything but ordinary.

Farha hails from Hyderabad and is a hair stylist. In her audition she told the judges she comes from a very strict, conservative family. She was married off at the age of 20 and never got to live a normal life. She wanted to do a lot of things but never got the required support from her family. Her husband turned out to be very supportive and bought her a phone for the first time in 20 years! He traveled to Mumbai just to be with her during the auditions.

She soon impressed judges with her adorable personality and her will to learn. After a kick-boxing session with Raftaar, she earned a spot in the show. Her journey so far has been pretty emotional and we hope to see her being the badass lady she is!

Farha has also started making YouTube videos and they’re pretty fun. Check them out!