Game of Thrones Final Season Begins, And So Does The Meme Fest

Putting an end to the tormenting almost two-year long wait, the first episode of the final season of ‘The Game of Thrones’ was premiered on Monday.

*Spoilers ahead*

Netizens wasted no time in churning out memes with fans dissecting each and every scene: from Bran Stark’s creepy long stare to Cersei Lannister’s obsession with elephants and the most favourite of all, the don’t’-kiss-my-mother look by Daenerys Targaryen’s dragon.

These are some of the best memes that will leave in splits.

  • In the entire episode, Bran kept popping up with a stalker stare and the fans went berserk over it.

  •  Dany Vs Sansa, when the ladies didn’t get along

  •  Jon Snow learning about his ancestry

  • Cersei’s obsession with elephants

  • The dragon’s don’t-kiss-my-mother look