Gordon Ramsay is roasting dishes on Twitter and no aloe vera will ever fix the burns he's inflicting!

Gordon Ramsay is known for his scathing tongue and it's burnt quite a few dishes on Twitter!

Gordon Ramsay has been known for his cooking skills and sharp tongue across small screen television. Apart from roasting several food ingredients and being brilliant at that, Ramsay is also brilliant at roasting people and that’s exactly what he is doing with his new savage Twitter food reviews.

It all began when a few Twitter users tweeted photos of their dishes to his page and received third-degree burns with each of his scathing replies. Somehow users kept to it and more joined in only to get insulted by him even further. With Ramsay, what were these Twitter users even expecting really? In his typical sarcastic function Ramsay literally tore apart each of the dishes without employing a single knife or fork. But then, who even needs cutlery with a tongue that sharp.

We present to a few dishes that got roasted way beyond imagination.

Err.. even the water in the finger bowl must have boiled at this one.

This one went from buffalo wings to feet real quick!

Here’s Ramsay’s nightmare for you.

Veggies seem to get even Ramsay extra-miffed!

Valid question, this one.

Must need talent to make an omelette like a rugpad.

That’s some eww-level trolling now!

Even rainbows could not get this lady a compliment.

Whooaaa! Just how did that happen?

He’s nice to cakes made for five-year olds, we guess!

After all that sarcasm, we doubt if those who cooked these were ever able to get in down their throats or simply drowned them in the tears!