From obnoxious 'fake news' allegations to Jimmy Fallon's impersonation, here's why Trump's press conference is spoof-worthy!

This was the President's first solo press conference and boy was he 'raving and ranting'.

Trust Donald Trump to make every thing involving him comic in one or the other way. Love him or hate him, USA’s new President is here to stay and his first solo press conference last night is proof to that. If you think it was like any other President’s interaction with the media, wait till you watch this.

Donald Trump spent the 77-minute long press conference dodging nearly all important questions and when not dodging questions simply interrupted the journalists. ‘Fake news’ ruled the roost at USA’s new President’s press conference and he sure seemed to be having a gala time. Almost every journalist who stood up to ask Trump anything was shut down before they could even finish their question. Sample this journalist who asked him about USA’s relationship with Russia and received a ‘I have nothing to do with Russia’ and ‘how many times will I get asked this same question?’. From why he fired National Security Advisor Mike Flynn to repeated questions by journalists, Trump ensured the press gets minimum speech time at the press conference.

While there were predictably too many funny moments, this one where an NBC journalist calls out his false claim regarding the huge margin of votes he won with surely takes the cake.

He was asked by a reporter for his take on anti-Semitic acts being committed by people in USA and of course he was asked to sit down because Trump ‘understood the rest of the question’.  Check him out looking for one ‘friendly reporter’ while he kept calling everyone ‘fake news’ here. He also went on to include CNN into the ambit of fake news. Imagine the President of USA doing that!

Not that what Trump single-handedly did was not enought to bring the whole press conference down to a joke, here’s Jimmy Fallon’s take on it.