From 'Modi ji ka masterstroke' to 'middle class woes', here are the funniest tweets on #Budget2018

It’s that time of the year when the government announces the Union Budget and everyone who is anyone turns into a loud-mouthed economist.

While most people don’t seem to be very impressed with the budget, others couldn’t care less. Both of these parties, however, posted their opinions and memes on Twitter and flooded our newsfeeds with hilarious content on #Budget2018.

While you wait for someone to come and explain all the big terms and numbers, here are the best memes and tweets to give you a tiny gist of everything that’s happening:

People are taking a jibe at the middle class, which has been the staunchest supporter of the govt, being snubbed.

and then there were some who were just lost…

Some just got a lil emotional:

Good news for Taimur?

Real talk.

Some awakened their inner poet:


But most of them are just in it for the memes:




You’re welcome