From 'big teeth' to 'too educated' these regressive reasons why women got rejected for a 'rishta' will make you angry-cry

These cringe-inducing reasons might just put you off anything related to a 'rishta' forever and ever.

Arranged marriages have always drawn flak for their tradition of going to a woman’s place with a ‘rishta’ and we all know what follows after that. Not that both men and women are not subjected to similar ridiculous judgments when it’s a love marriage, but with arrange marriages being treated like going wife/husband shopping, rejection for absolutely bizarre reasons is not rare. don’t get us wrong, rejecting someone is not a crime. Being vicious and petty about it, however, is.

This Pakistani Twitter user oh_my_mascara was rejected for a ridiculous reason and that pushed her to ask women around the world to share their own experiences. And, why not actually? If those rejecting these ladies or men could afford to be petty and proud, their reasons deserve to do the rounds of social media. The lady who started this much-needed discussion, did it with this tweet.

‘Bad front teeth’. Like, seriously? Such a nice girl she is to have not bitten them with her teeth. They were very deserving of that we’d say.

What she started off with this one tweet was a chain of tweets where people came out and introduced Twitter to the absolutely unfathomable world of ‘rishtas’. From getting rejected for being too ‘bold’ (we have no idea what that means!) to getting turned down because her degree would take too long, women have faced it all. The classic ‘thodi zyada healthy hai’ and issues with women being anything short of white as milk also make an appearance.

Yes, well. We are still pretty much at ‘what even?’. Got anymore ‘rishta’ stories? Tweet it out to this lovely lady or tell us.