Foreigners Have Stumbled Upon Bigg Boss Fights And Their Reactions Are Priceless

Here’s the thing- whatever the world does, we desis do it better.

Recently, a clip from Bigg Boss 5 has gone viral with people from all over the globe abso-freaking-lutely loving the drama that went down between Pooja Mishra and Shonali Nagrani. The clip shows a fight breaking out between the two ladies and Pooja Mishra breaks out her cockney accent as she screams ‘Ya dyin fo ittt‘ whilst waving a mop at Shonali. With over 1m views, people have gone crazy and can’t get enough of the drama infused cocktail that is Bigg Boss.

We don’t even blame them. Here’s what a fight in Big Brother looks like-

SERIOUSLY? Where is chappal-flinging? Where are the screaming maniacs? Why are people not throwing urine at each other? Why are people not spitting at each other? Here’s what real desi drama looks like-

Once you compare the drama, it’s pretty evident why foreigners were shocked at a teeny-tiny fight that is pretty everyday for us. They haven’t even seen the real deal yet! Check out the video that is going viral:

Check out the fanboy comments people have been posting-

If this is how they’re reacting to such a… err…  civil fight, imagine how scandalized would they be once they check out the real deal.

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Shar this with your foreigner friends and give them a taste of true blue desi drama- priceless.