#FinePeopleFromIndia Are Spamming Twitter With Brown Beauty And We're Mesmerized AF

Over the years we’ve been told not to go out in the sun, cuz tanning. We’ve been buying face creams and bleach left right and center and we’ve been watching people on TV advertise products that make you light skinned and beautiful. Gone are the days when fair was lovely and brown skin was sidelined. Brown peeps on Twitter are flooding our feeds with #FinePeopleFromIndia and the internet can’t stop watching.

A Twitter user kickstarted #FinePeopleFromIndia-

and everybody realized the power of desi GODDAMN beauty-

It’s high time we start loving our wheatish skin tones, right? Brown is beautiful, and we’ve got some rather saucy proof:

Now stop drooling and get back to work you guys.