Father's Day: Baahubali to Mogambo, we imagined our favourite characters as real life dads

Father's Day special: From Baahubali to Babu Rao, we turned some of the iconic characters of Bollywood to dads. Check out the hilarious results

Father’s Day has been a concept that caught on later, but it is one that everyone has accepted without much ado. From teaching you how to walk to standing by you like a rock in the most challenging situations of life, fathers are invincible heroes. While some dads are strict enough to give you sleepless nights, some are chill enough to get you your first beer. Either way, dads are our first superheroes.

No what matter how tall you grow, you will always look up to him. No matter how qualified you are, you could have never learned the lessons of life that you did, if your superhero wasn’t around. No matter what, you feel safe and protected because you are assured that the big guy is watching over you and has your back.

Bollywood has given us some amazing movies based on father-child relationship. However, on the joyous occasion of father’s day instead of listing the movies that portray father-son/ father-daughter relationship, we picked some of the most iconic characters of Bollywood and turned them into dads. Confused? Basically, we took the liberty of being whimsical and wondered how your all-time favorite characters would react in most common situations with kids if they were dads.

Have a look:

Because Ye Babu Rao ka style hai3

Baahubali will obviously have different priorities then


Gabbar Singh the original “Dakoo Daddy”


Crime Master Gogo 2 in the making?


Aaandd there was only silence…




Happy Father’s Day to all the amazing dads out there.