Everything That Is Wrong With YouTubers And Instagram Beauty Gurus

Creating video content sure as hell isn’t a piece of cake. Those of you who enjoy watching YouTube/Instagram videos in your spare time should know by now that it requires quite a bit of production work. And the effort these YouTubers put into their content needs to translate into subscriber count, views, brand deals, time commitments etc for them to be able to continue doing it for a living. Which bring us to the next point.

The competition has resulted in a lot of downright dumb things we have to suffer through when these content creators get desperate. Here’s a comprehensive list of everything that is wrong with YouTubers and Instagrammers:

1) First of all, clickbait. Second of all, why is it not illegal yet.

YouTubers and Beauty Gurus use bizarre thumbnails just to get people to click on them. And here’s the worst trend- they’ll add **not clickbait** to their titles, and when you click on it, it’s clickbait. No shock there.

Look at the thumbnail, then watch the video. There is no roller costed in the video that looks like this, which pisses off most viewers who click to see what’s in the damn thumbnail.

The thumbnail is so obviously photoshopped but it still gets 22m views, cuz clickbait.

No, Virat Kohli isn’t even in the video.

2) YouTubers and beauty gurus will literally do anything for views. We’ve seen people do bizarre challenges like squiggly brows and nose-hair extensions just to get more views.

A YouTuber did his makeup using a condom. Why, you ask? We’ve no freakin’ clue.


The infamous Logan Paul and his ‘I filmed a dead body and kept him on the thumbnail for views’ video-

3) YouTubers produce horrible content. We get that coming up with new, riveting content everyday is kinda difficult, but that doesn’t mean viewers deserve half-assed videos!

First of all, why is a guy who’s only talent is cussing for views even relevant?

Dear Indian vlogger, taking all your snap stories from the entire day and combing them into one video isn’t a vlog.

The biggest YouTuber in India, why is the humor so basic and crass?

4) Youtubers and Instagrammers promote narcissism in the worst way.

“I’m better than you I’m so pretty and have so many Instagram followers”. Need we say more about the popular kids of Instagram?

5) YouTubers love DRAMA! From spilling the tea to being the centre of attention, YouTube channels nowadays are less about path-breaking content and more about drama.

In India, drama = AIB. AIB = drama. We all remember the infamous AIB roast drama, and the Narendra Modi meme drama, and the Tanmay Bhatt Snapchat drama. So. Much. Drama.

6) Some Youtubers are just over the top with everything they do. No seriously, nobody wants to know about your dysfunctional family and its secrets. How about respecting their personal space?

In the following video, Tana Mongeau talks about her dad. She’s trying so hard to be funny it is causing second hand embarrassment.

7) YouTubers and their first world rants never end. Most people who make a career off of YouTube or Instagram come from fairly privileged families, which is why most of their problems are ‘omg they talked about my dress’ or ‘Netflix in India is ssooo shitty’

Here YouTuber and stand up comedian Sorabh Pant discusses how difficult life is because the US has shows like Narcos and Breaking bad while we have ‘Taarak Mehta ka ulta chasma’. *tries to check privilege, fails*

Dear YouTubers, please remember that we have thousands of choices when it comes to content online, so please… just… maybe… you know…make content that we’d love to watch and share? Decent entertainment that won’t make us hate ourselves for clicking on the video? Okay? Okay.