Everybody needs to watch this 20-year-old real-life 'Padman' talk about periods

Still flinch at the mention on periods? Let Karan Luthra tell you why that's absolutely ridiculous.

Right at the start let’s get it clear that this article is going to be about menstruation a.k.a periods, a fairly discomforting and sometimes painful bodily process women go through every month. We would not usually start with a disclaimer of the sort but given how people attach more stigma to this than to rape, we deemed it safer to do so. If you’re still reading, we present to you an awesome initiative on periods by this 20-year-old man.

Karan Luthra has come up with a video asking for periods and talking about it to be normalized. Yes this is something people and activists have been trying to do for a very long while now, but somehow Instagram still feels entitled enough to take down the photo of a woman because her period stain is visible. That’s exactly why this still needs to be talked about.

In an unconventional initiative, given how most men would flinch at the thought of talking about periods, this 20-year-old is breaking several walls at the same time. Akshay Kumar’s ‘Padman’ is on it’s way to hitting theatres this year and now Luthra’s initiative has joined the club of men who are talking about periods like the ‘no big deal’ that it is. What Luthra says makes perfect sense given the fact that there would rarely be any man who would not know what periods are, and that makes the hypocrisy way more ridiculous.

Ever wondered how any of us would have ever arrived on this Earth had women not been blessed with menstruation? It’s time you do. Uploaded on his Facebook page which goes by the name ‘Karan Luthra Who?’ the video has garnered 10k views since it was uploaded on March 15. So, give this man a watch and the next time a girl or a guy mentions periods, just chill it!